DIGITEN TH30E Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer E-Ink Screen Thermostat Humidity Gauge Swiss SENSIRION Sensor High Accuracy Temperature Humidity Monitor for House Garage Greenhouse Wine Cellar

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TH30E Digital Thermo-Hygrometer For Your Best Life!

Committed to making life smarter, easier and more comfortable, the digital thermo-hygrometer TH30E is an easy-to-use, reliable and perfect household device, with highly accurate temperature and humidity readings and a wide measurement range.


  • 🎁【360°HD E-ink Screen】Exclusive Humidity thermometer with Rare HD E-ink display , 360° HD-free viewing experience on wall or your desk,protect your eyesight as well as your family. Low power consumption and delicate appearance, nice for home decorations or as birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year gifts, business gifts, etc.
  • 🧸【Stylish Shape】Fashion appearance, humanized Design. Rare HD E-ink screen,High precision digital sensors , exquisite packaging, professional for indoor room, cigar box.
  • ✨【High Accuracy】Imported industrial grade and high quality Swiss SENSIRION digital sensors, detect Subtle Humidity and temperature changes at office or home. Temperature tolerance is ±0.3 ℃(-10.0 ℃ ~ 60.0 ℃), and humidity tolerance is ±3%(0 to 99% RH). Professional for indoor room, Temperature range Design for Higher resolution needs not a approximate value.
  • 🥰【Responsive Readings】Temperature and humidity reader indicate current air condition ensures proper temperature and humidity control, benefit for skin, allergen and other health problem.
  • 🌈【℃ / ℉ switching】The switch button is integrated in the circular hole of the back of the thermo-hygrometer. It can be switched freely between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing it properly with the finger.

E-Ink Screen View Experience

Paper-like comfortable reading experience to avoid visual fatigue.

Industrial Swiss SENSIRION Sensor

Made of high precision Swiss SENSIRION digital sensors. Temperature tolerance is ±0.3 ℃(-10.0 ℃ ~ 60.0 ℃), and humidity tolerance is ±3%(0 to 99% RH).

180° HD Visibility

It is readable at any angle or long distance.


  • Switchable Mode: °C/°F
  • Temperature Tolerance: ±0.3°C
  • Humidity Tolerance: ±3%RH
  • Temperature Range: -10~60°C(14~140°F)
  • Humidity Range: 0~99%RH
  • Power: 1×CR2032 button battery (Included)

Insert or replace the battery

  • a. Gently lift the rectangular cover on the back, and then rotate the round cover clockwise. Pat the product to drop the round cover.
  • b. After installing the matching CR2032 button battery, place the round cover according to the position of the card slot and rotate it counterclockwise to close it.

Unit conversion 

  • Press the button to switch temperature unit to ℃/℉.

White screen refreshing

  • The display will update into white screen when data renewal. Please don't worry when it turns into white because the update state used for HD E-ink display effect.


  • 1 × TH30E Thermo-Hygrometer
  • 1 × CR2032 battery
  • 1 × Standard English Instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Simple, easy to read, well designed

I looked at *so many* hygrometers before choosing this one. Very satisfied with this one. Minimalist appearance is great and e-ink display is super easy to read. Recommended.

Elegant and easy to read

If you're looking for an attractive hygrometer/thermometer, this is really a step above! The display, on an e-ink screen, looks elegant. It's very easy to read, and most importantly, it appears to be accurate. Unfortunately for me, my husband has purloined it to monitor his ukulele collection's environment.

Thank you very much for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful.

Bernardo Family
Good for Plants

I have been looking for an accurate and easy to understand weather station and this hygrometer by Digiten. We have a split level home with only one heat zone, so the lower level is often much colder than the upper level and now I just realized with this weather station that we do have a humidity issue as I had suspected. This unit is just the right size and the digital LCD display is easy to read. When it arrived, I just took it out of the box and inserted the AAA battery that was included and it was ready to go. I find this to be very accurate, not to mention the price can't be beat. Another feature that I like is that it also displays the highest and lowest temperatures, as well as humidity levels, displayed in the past. I have tried other weather stations in the past that I purchased at hardware stores, and this unit is by far the best that I have come across.

R. Precourt
Best display I've seen

This temp/humidity sensor has the nicest display I've ever seen. It does not wash out like LCD and looks like printed text on paper. It is clear from any viewing angle and is superior to other display formats.

The sensor reacts and updates almost instantly to changes in both temp and humidity levels. Thus far I've found both temp and humidity readings to be very accurate.

The unit is very small and includes a stand for tabletop viewing and a keyhole slot on the back to hang on a nail. Only negative is that it does not have a magnet to allow placing it on metal surfaces, such as a fridge door, which most others have. If it had a magnet it would be five stars, but giving it four due to that obvious oversight. I fixed this by buying some thin, round magnets that came with adhesive pads to easily stick on the back of the display; problem solved.

All things considered I really like this product and wish more products with displays would adopt this display technology.